Day threes prompt is to talk about favourite things of the moment so here is my top five:)

  1. has just got to be crochet anyone who know me will know it has turned into a bit of an obsession at the mo. DSCF7293

                                   current WIP

  2. that takes me to Attic24 one of my favourite blogs to visit definitely worth checking out for a daily fix of luscious colour

  3. blog hoping in recent weeks has introduced me to Pioneer Woman not only does she have some great recipes she takes a mean photo too. DSCF9093        some spread cookies made today by me:)

  4. Another favourite blog belongs to a lovely lady called Nina who so far this year has inspired me to make Elderflower Champagne and Blackberry liqueur.DSCF6772                     Blackberry Liqueur yumm

  5. And last but not least the place that introduce me to all this in the first place and the fantastic friends I have made through it




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