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Friends of her HSMSHS


Although HSMSHS the blog is no more there is a facebook group which is carrying on the idea. Sundays combine a quote and a phot and today’s quote is “life is a journey not a destination” from amazing by aerosmith now as they are one of my favourite bands Joe is named after Joe Perry the bass guitarist (his middle name is Perry) how could I not play along.
The photo is one I took when I did race for life and I think it illustrates the quote pretty well


HSMSHS Nature beauty + Day 194


Over on HSMSHS this week they are having a bit of a project called nature’s beauty with toadys prompt being yellow. I have pink and red flowers in my garden but no yellow I did have a little yellow weed which I though was pretty cute. I took the following picture and then I thought i would measure it to see how small it was when I went back out it had a little insect on it who was very obliging in having his portrait taken. Infact he flew off but landed back on again when i held out the flower head for him. Love the result one of my better macro’s i think thanks little insect:)


as you can see the flower was just 2cm’s accross



Contemporary Belong to or occurring in the present. Show us something contemporary in your space today. Had no idea what todays prompt was when I took this photo of the Selfridges department store in Birmingham today