Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fab challenge


I just wanted to share how much I am enjoying the our daily challenge group over on flickr. If you love taking photos check it out. It’s a really friendly supportive group packed with inspiration. I’m still playing with my iPad so you may have to copy and paste but here is the link

My fave photo that I cave taken this week follows the prompt was focal point

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2011 Challenges


I have decide to give the 365 photo challenge another go this year but with a bit of a difference I have signed up for three groups on flickr, one object 365 days, 365 days in colour and our daily challenge (this one gives a prompt a day for anyone reading who has struggled in the past). The one object 365 days will follow the adventures of Bitsy see photo below and the 365 in colour is just that with each month a different colour January is blue.

I have also decided to set myself a challenge of making a six inch granny square a day the idea being that by 2012 I will have enough squares to make a huge blanket for my double bed. Carrying on in the crochet theme I am going to be busily crochet licorice allsorts to decorate our team bras for the moon walk in May.

I’ve also signed up for a couple of scrapbook challenges so what with all that and getting fit for the moonwalk think I might need to get a cleaner!