Coffee with a friend


Met up with the lovely Sandi for coffee at Costa coffee this morning. She told me about a scapbooking app for the iPad didn’t find the one she mentioned but found another one. Had fun playing although think it could be a bit addictive. Luckily I don’t get paid till tomorrow so could only ply with free kits. It should come in handy fir Ali Edwards December daily as there are some fab Christmas kits.

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  1. It was lovely to see you this morning & then when I got to WW I’d lost another 1 1/2lbs!! So a good morning all round!! You were quick off the mark with that app! I’ve forwarded an email to you with details of the ‘Scrap App’ featured on Scrapscene! Love what you did with the photo & how fortuitous that you caught the Xmas tree in the background…or was that on purpose?…shows you how observant I am (not) eh?!!!

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