Pass the book



Check out pass the book over at Silver pebble (click on the picture to visit) for the chance to read this fab book and win one of her fab silver charms.


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  1. Hi Valerie, Finally I am blogging, I should say visiting again. Writing a post isn’t so hard, visiting sometimes is. Thank you so much for your comments while I was ‘busy’ with my grands and my brother etc. visiting for the past two weeks.

    I just caught up with all your posts and loved reading/viewing them. I especially smiled when I saw your baby frogs. How very cute they are. I also enjoyed all of your activities these past weeks. I would loved to have heard the concert. I love that you laugh when something your read tickles you. I do the same. In fact when I saw your frogs, I really laughed. My hubby said what’s so funny? When I said, “your frogs” he just looked confused. I laughed at him too. You made champagne???

    Happy days to you my dear English friend.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. Valerie, I never commented about your ‘pass the book’ thingie. It is a great idea. However, lately I never find time to read. I didn’t comment about the giveaway because mailing anything to the USA would cost way too much. It is a very nice giveaway indeed.
    Me again, Jeanne

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