Day 177 all the way through to Day 185


Cousins Chatting


On the way to Oxford Street for Annie’s birthday


A crochet side project for when it’s to hot to granny stripe


Brand new moleskin sketch pad


A very annoying crying baby who kept us awake all night


an impromptu get together with friends


Park and riding into Cambridge


Sharing a cake with a friend (made by her not me)



3 responses »

  1. It all looks great….apart from the crying baby. I really love the crochet, those little flowers are really sweet. Oooh….I just remembered your very kind offer of some housewarming coasters. Is the offer still open? I have no real colour preference although natural colours with a splash of pink and/or green would be rather nice.

    X X

  2. Now me, I love the “Cousins chatting” photo, just so nice…..

    Thanks for the offer re talking us through the elderflower champagne making. Unfortunately the flowers have all “gone over” now. He has promised to make it next year. (Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, we’ll see…….)

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