Some serious catch up and give away winner


P1000994 P1000925 P1000934 P1000936 P1000938 P1000942

P1010005 P1010001

The last eight days I have been busy watering the garden, Joes been hogging the computer mind you he has been revising for his GCSE’s so  shouldn’t complain between that and developing an unhealthy appetite for Ashes to Ashes my little blog has been a bit neglected so here are the last 8 photos.

I have decided that as I only had three responses to my little give away I would make some for each so let me have your addy’s girls and I hope to get them in the post by the weekend


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  1. You’ve been in the same mode as me then, but hasn’t it been fabulous to have such great weather!! The Blog looks awesome BTW!

  2. I’m sorry i missed your giveaway, i’ve been busy packing for our move.

    I also got into Ashes to Ashes, another good series that’s come to an end. And i also love Outnumbered, that programme is just genious!

    X X

  3. Hi Valerie, I have been missing in action too. You know I went on the buying trip and have been working in our yard constantly since. Little time for visiting. We hired a boy to do the hard work and he needs constant directions. We are happy to have him though. Our flowers are looking so pretty.

    My husband has his own computer and I have mine. We would have been at war if we didn’t. HA!

    Love your photos and Congratulations on 500 posts. That is a big commitment. Good for you.

    Have a wonderful week. Oh are you doing Beverly’s PS birthday post? I have been thinking about it all week.

    Have a great day tomorrow.
    Hugs, Jeanne

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