Day 111, 112, 113 + 114


Day 111

A request from Tracey our fab admin to help her with the new computer system we normally have to ask her!

Day 112 For the last 14 weeks I have been attending some leadership and management training with the fantastic Pauline and Fidelma Thursday was the last day and we had presentations to do I was surprised by what I had learnt about myself and truly inspired by the journeys that the rest of the group had been on.

Day 113 My usual pose of an evening

Day 114 The fruits of my labour courtesy of a fab tutorial over at the purl bee, they are just so fabulously cosy and take no time at all to make. Don’t you just love granny squares?

And if your wandering yes I am up to date with Ali Edwards week in the life will post more later.


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  1. Love those slippers. How funky are they. Well done on doing your presentation. I hate having to stand up in front of people and talk so have great respect for those who do :0)

  2. your slippers are awesome!!! the colors you chose are great — your work is beautiful! there’s something so warm & cozy & comforting about crocheted items (all i could ever do was a chain!). (o: thanks so much for stopping by my blog. i, too, feel like i haven’t been visiting blogs very much lately — it’s harder to spend time on the computer when spring is in the air! but i so do miss doing so… perhaps i’ll catch up a bit this week. (o: everyone’s encouragement & ideas & support are priceless! i hope you have a great week. (o:

  3. Hello Valerie. It sounds like you have been busy attending the seminar. Any time we can learn more about ourselves is a bonus. You never know how other people view you. Good for you.

    I love that photo of you crocheting or knitting. I think I remember you saying you crocheted. the slippers are very pretty. Good for you. I envy your talent to crochet. Yes, I love granny squares.

    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Jeanne

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