Day 89 + 90


Flumps a scrummy fat free thirty calorie treat.


Hopping around blog land this morning I discovered that the fantastic Elspeth Thompson died last Thursday. Author of the fabulous Wonderful Weekend Book she recently inspired me to take up the Ukulele. If you haven’t already I suggest you check out the book, Best wishes go to her husband and daughter.



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  1. It was such a shock to hear about Elspeth Thompson. I loved seeing her railway carriage home.
    As for the Flumps….I’ll let you have all of those :0)

  2. That’s sad news to discover, but how lovely to leave behind such an inspiring legacy!! As for the Flumps…they’ve had a package makeover by the looks of things! No substitute for chocolate though!!! Happy Easter!!

  3. Good morning Valerie, back home at last. MIA for 10 days puts a hurtin on my visiting. It is good to be home.

    Good luck with the Ukulele challenge. I think you will have some fun learning how to play. My great niece plays one and loves it.

    Lucky you to win such lovely gifts. The tatting is almost a lost art. It is all wonderful.

    while I was writing this commen, my pup, just chewed up my new “LIZ’ Easter shoes. I have only worn them once. She actually had to get them out of a plastic bag to get at them. Now she is sleeping like an angel on her pillow. LOL. Angel she’s NOT!!! We do adore her though.

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy the 30 calorie snacks.

    Hugs, Jeanne

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