Day 60, 61 + 62


cutting up t-shirts for my rag rug remember this post way back last July

DSCF9256Some crochet Jonquils for an English garden crochet along over one Ravelry

DSCF9287Joe in his monologue outfit he is doing GCSE drama and is part of a gifted and talented group which we discovered last night was chosen fro the top 10% of the schools GCSE drama department. Obviously he does this stuff at school but this was the first time he has ever got up in front of strangers and performed completely on his own he blew me away.

DSCF9274Note the picture of him in his younger days just above his head. Oh and there’s that chair again. I thought you might like to know it cost the princely sum of £150 pounds from a craft fair, although they are based in the same town as me you can see more of his work here and he will be in Milton Keynes from the 11th to the 14th of March


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