Pink Saturday


Debbie one of my team left today to go to pastures new so she bought me these beautiful pink tulips so I thought I would share them with you for pink Saturday

DSCF9246 DSCF9233 DSCF9234 DSCF9235 DSCF9244

Hop on over and visit Bev at how sweet the sound for some more pink lushness. Please pay a visit to my lovely blogging friend Jeanne whilst your at you are sure of a warm welcome happy pink Saturday everyone


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  1. Good morning Valerie. Your tulips are so pretty. My mom planted tulips up the lane that ended at our farm. I lived on a dairy farm in Michigan until I was nine years old. Then my dad sold the farm and we moved to Fl. We grew up in Miami and lived in Fl. until we moved to NC almost three years ago. Tulips always remind me of my mom. You have a very sweet friend.
    It would be the most fun if you could visit us here in the mountains. Did you try the pumpkin custard. You can use Splenda in this recipe.
    Thank you for mentioning me on your blog. That was a sweet surprise. Enjoy your new crochet book.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the warm welcome, your tulips are beautiful, love the soft pink color!!! hope you had a very happy pinky saturday 😛

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