Day 52 + 54


I seem to have got a bit out of synch this week and forgot to post Sundays photo it shows that start of a big spring clean one of those jobs you just wish you hadn’t started I had decided to get rid of my computer desk and put the computer on my craft desk a job that I thought would take me a couple of hours ended up taking me all day!

DSCF9202Olney church with snowdrops



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  1. Hi Valerie, I was visiting Beverly’s post this morning and noticed your response to her question. Your answer made me smile. I sometimes wish I knew how to crochet. But like so many things I want to do I have a terrible time finishing projects. I am sure I will finish my quilt though. I am committed publicly. HA!

    The circular desk is just right for a computer. It looks nice. ALL of my work on a computer is done on my laptop. Our PC is in my hubby’s office and it is crazy but I do not like using a mouse. I love my Apple laptop.

    The church is lovely and I love your teacup. I too have a couple of special tea cups that I love to use. They were gifts as well and special to me.

    Have a happy day.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  2. At least you get round to the “sorting out”…………. I procrastinate until it all gets too much and then do something about it. If only I did it as I went along………………….

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