Friday Night Sew In


I have decided to take part in the Friday night sew in over at hand made with Heidi you don’t have to just sew you can crochet, knit what ever you fancy I’ve started a really simple shrug using huge granny squares in raspberry pink. So I intend to get all snuggled up get out my hook and see just who killed Archie in the live showing of Eastenders tonight. Who can believe it’s been going for 25 years I can remember tuning into the first one. this is who I think did it…

eastenders460Who do you all think?


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  1. Do you know…I hardly watch East Enders any more…I did at the start & can remember being at work late on a Thursday for the reveal of who was the father of Michelles baby…the entire perfumery dept staff were in the TV/Audio dept tp watch it!!! Shoplifters for miles around kicked themselves at the missed opportunity!!! But I’m with you…definitely Peggy!!!

  2. Sorry Val I don’t watch it. Haven’t done since I came back from Germany in 1996. Who’s Archie? Have fun with your Sew in. I might join you as it’s just me and Samuel tonight. I’ve got some hearts to crochet.

  3. Don’t know, don’t care! I haven’t watched Eastenders for a good ten years now. Got sick of all the doom and gloom and yelling at each other. In fact, i don’t watch any of the soaps. Enjoy though, people i know who watch it are very excited about this evenings episode.
    X X

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