Day 44, Day 46 + Day 47


Forgot to post day 44 I had been after this book for ages and spotted it on Saturday in the works for £3.99 RRP £12.99 so if anyone fancies it check out your local shop

DSCF9075I discovered these in Morrison’s half price at 99p  I can heartily recommend them if you like marmite but i haven’t found them anywhere else yet.

DSCF9118I’ve been thinking of learning to play the ukulele for a while now I saw some in a local music shop and just loved the array of colours. Inspired again by the wonderful weekend book above Ted bought me this lovely yellow one.



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  1. Hi Valerie, I am going to comment first on you granny square throw. It is stunning. What an accomplishment! It is so beautiful. I am sorry my comment is so belated.

    I am catching up with my blogging friends. This week has been a trial for me. My right arm is having bad pain from a bone spur and maybe a torn muscle. Visits to the Dr and an MRI. I still won’t know anything until tomorrow. Sigh.

    I love your fairy story. I LOVE fairies and have always loved their stories. Yours is very sweet. Love the photos too.

    A ukulele? You go girl. I learned to play the piano in my forties. A dream of mine too. Have fun learning Valerie.
    Hugs, Jeanne

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