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Pink Saturday


Debbie one of my team left today to go to pastures new so she bought me these beautiful pink tulips so I thought I would share them with you for pink Saturday

DSCF9246 DSCF9233 DSCF9234 DSCF9235 DSCF9244

Hop on over and visit Bev at how sweet the sound for some more pink lushness. Please pay a visit to my lovely blogging friend Jeanne whilst your at you are sure of a warm welcome happy pink Saturday everyone


Day 56 + 57


I bought this Gisella Graham photo frame ages but could never decide on the right photo for it came across this photo of Joe looking a lot like his granddad


Lu and Jill checking out Genes reunited


Day 52 + 54


I seem to have got a bit out of synch this week and forgot to post Sundays photo it shows that start of a big spring clean one of those jobs you just wish you hadn’t started I had decided to get rid of my computer desk and put the computer on my craft desk a job that I thought would take me a couple of hours ended up taking me all day!

DSCF9202Olney church with snowdrops


Day 50,51 + 53


Tea best drink of the day. My friends bought me this beautiful tea cup when I left my last job I very rarely use it as the china is so fine you can see through it but I love to use it for a treat.


Saturday was a fab day spent crafting with friends and eating yummy food


My friend in America sent me a fantastic package not long after Christmas inside was a whole selection of things including this stunning fairy shoe which she had made herself. The little bell on the end was one her daughter had found that the elves had left when visiting at Christmas to see which children had been naughty or nice she had found it on her windowsill.

DSCF9208 DSCF9204


Pink Saturday


Last night was Friday night sew in over at Hand Made At Heidi’s and I decided to join in with a simple shrug in Raspberry pink wool.DSCF9174 The pattern is a free one from drops design studio and you can find it here basically it’s four large granny square with some picot edging all sewn together I think it will be great for spring over a black jumper. So I got all cozied in last night for some serious crochet and the live showing of Eastenders to celebrate it’s 25 year anniversary. Now I don’t watch it all the time but this was for nostalgia having sat down with my family 25 years ago to watch the first one this time I sat with Ted and the children and watched it. Yesterday I guessed it was Peggy was I right? I couldn’t have been more wrong  never would have guessed it was… Stacey. I have to say the show was DSCF9167  incredible can’t believe how they managed it just logistically. Gutted to see Bradley die though I’m a bit of a ginger fancier I have decided over the years my first true love was Steve Davis the snooker player Bizzare I know but there you go. Any how back to Friday night sew in like I say I got all settled in with some lighted candles and a cup of tea I nearly managed two granny squares so hopefully the shrug should be complete this weekend although I find picot stitches a bit trick so we shall see. I also thought I would share my little collection of hand made pincushions there are only four but I think there will be more I am thinking of hosting a bottle top pincushion swap If I can get enough interest. You can see a how too over here on flickr and some fab examples here and here

DSCF9139 DSCF9141 DSCF9144

DSCF9137And finally here is a sneak peek at the pink shrug

DSCF9172 DSCF9153 DSCF9169 

Hop on over to Bev’s for some more pink fabiness and leave a comment below if you fancy taking part in a pincushion swap