Weekly Gratitude


This week I am grateful for my £11.00 boots which have kept my feet dry and my body upright in all the recent snow



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  1. Hi Dotty and thanks for stopping by to see me. Oh yes, boots are essential if you are going to have an old fashioned Canadian winter, which is what England seems to be getting this month. I think you guys may have more snow than me (which is alot because I am in Montreal – the snow capital of North America). But, unfortunately because this is a rarity for you, you are less equipped to deal with it. I guess the first storm was fun, some people got to take some time off but now it must be just annoying and employers less forgiving. But spring will be here soon, the flowers will bloom and the ice will melt. I see you have taken (or are taking?) Shimell’s course. I’ve heard about her, perhaps I will go and check her out. Have a great day, love those atcs.

  2. I ended up wearing wellies – they have a great tread and were perfectly warm enough when worn with very thick socks!

    Have come to your blog via Cathy at Menopausal Musing, who posted the hilarious ‘Craft’ video. Bye for now, Lesley

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