Day 12


I received this little chap in a swap over on UKScrappers a while ago now but he sits on my desk at work at brightens up a dull day



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  1. Valerie, I can’t believe all the days I have missed while going to Atlanta and coming home to my cousin visiting. You are on it Val and I am proud of your on going crocheting commitment. You are wonderful with your crochet talent. I love your flowers. I am not sure I know what your crop meetings are. I am glad you are still posting for pink Sat. One of these days I will catch up on all the visits I want to make. Today is a start, my cousin is visiting my sister for the day.

    I love your pink new mode of travel. Is it a scooter? You really do make me laugh as I read each days post. Keep going, I enjoy each day. I am still working on my quilt. It is a difficult commitment but I am glad I challenged myself.

    Hugs, Jeanne

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