Weekly Gratitude


I have decided to play along with Weekly Gratitude I often keep a gratitude journal but give up very quickly so thought once a week would be more doable I am keeping it small and simple ATC size and stringing them along the beam in my lounge. I’m looking forward to seeing them all together at the end of the year

weekly grattitude

This week I am very grateful to my friend Donna who has been coming out of her way to pick me up for work in the snow.


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  1. Great idea. it will be nice to see them all at the end of the year. I’m not back to work yet as my school is still closed. I’ll be getting the bus next week as my car is snowed in so I’d have to be grateful for bus drivers!!

  2. What a lovely idea & having them all out on show will make it easy to count your blessings!! They will make a lovely ‘Tag’ book on a ring clip when you do take them down.

    Thanks for the road info…I usually take the A600/A507 to the A1M as my rout to work but listening to the radio this morning it was treacherous!! Another heavy fall of snow forecast overnight & tomorrow so I may have to take a snow day on Sunday…unless of course the forecast is wrong?!!

    Stay warm & safe!

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