Day 6+7 and a book mark


Being driven to work by Donna in her 4×4

DSCF1002Snow day project

DSCF1006Sunflower bookmark


from this pattern here it took about fifteen minutes whilst i was waiting for donna to pick me up a really quick and easy project



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  1. Wow you’ve had a fair amount of snow too. Gotta love 4 x 4s. I can’t believe that the flower only took you 15 minutes. it would have taken me all night!!

  2. I am in awe of your speed at crochet!!

    Is that the A6? I am already panicking about having to drive to Welwyn Garden City on Sunday for work…I HATE driving in icy conditions!! I don’t have a 4×4!!!

  3. Snow!! We are supposed to get some of that tomorrow!! Hope it comes in massive amounts 🙂

    Love the bookmark! I always wanted to make a bookmark, but haven’t mastered my crocheting yet… I did pull the crocheting of the shelf though, so maybe I will make that a goal for the near future!

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