Day 5 and a little blue dahlia


I took a walk round ASDA at lunch as part of Pam’s 52 walks challenge over on UKScrappers I was using my blackberry phone and quite like the effect will show some more of the walk tomorrow but here is the first one

120_4030Last year I started but didn’t finish a twelve month crochet along to complete an afghan in a  year I have started again so today flower is a little blue dahlia granny square



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  1. i’m pulled my crochet out tonight… i’ve been learning for a while… but i’m left handed and pretty much teaching myself… i feel stuck on what i’m doing (but really i probably just need more practice… and patience). great photos. love the convenience of phone cameras!!

  2. I’m loving your blue Dahlia!…my Hubby picked up the first part of ‘The art of Crochet’ magazine for me & I’ve mastered the foundation chain, slipstitch & double crochet….just need to keep up the practice on maintaining tension! It’s so much easier with two needles!!!

    Isn’t 52 walks a great idea…I signed up too & used our New Years Day walk for my week one upload! That’s a great photo with your Blackberry….I hardly ever take pictures with my phone, probably because I’ve always got my camera with me!!

  3. I’ve never seen a supermarket so empty (unless it’s closed!!). Your granny is lovely. Once I’ve finished my basic granny sqaure blanket I really should learn something new!!

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