Day 344 + Pink Saturday


This week over at Pink Saturday we are celebrating Christmas with a look at our favourite decorations, mine is new to me this year and it is some Amaryllis flowers that i bought for 25 pence each in the sale last year I crocheted a bottle cover a la attic 42 and hey presto a luscious decoration for a few pence

Why not hop on over to Ruths blog and check out her lovley pink fairy.

I’ve really struggled to post this today live writer keeps saying it’s published it’s there on my dash board but it just doesnt seem to appear no idea why so I’ve gone back to the old fashioned way


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  1. Wow seriously pink Saturday………….. just lovely. Also lovely is the crocheted mistletoe on your previous post…………… I love the concept of your bog. It will be a lovely thing to look back on a year. :O)

  2. WOW~ Val, those are amazing. I’ve never seen them that color, and they are gorgeous!

    Dropped by late before you got your post up, and I wanted to stop in and see your pinks. Glad I did!

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila 🙂

  3. Gorgeous flowers. i’ve never seen any that colour before and lovely crochet cover. really sets it all off.

    Also WELL DONE on 3lbs last week. :0)

  4. Valerie, your amaryllis is gorgeous in pink. What a gorgeous color of pink.
    Crocheting the bottle cover is very clever. It looks so festive.

    Happy pink Saturday.
    Hugs, Jeanne

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