Day 333 + Day 334


Having found this fab link over at Joshy and Belle I have been busily making paper chains to go with my crochet tree form the last post which has turned out so big I now have to figure out where to hang it ( I will post a picture when it’s up), it looks like I am going to have a very crochet Christmas. I can’t believe how much crochet has become a part of my life since I posted this 


The first day of Advent having been on a diet for far more years than I can remember I have always forgone a scrummy chocolate advent calendar but this year I decided that I would work it into my slimming world plan and enjoy a little treat each day



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  1. I have never learned to crochet!! I can knit…arran, fairisle etc quite happily, but I never learned the magic of the hook! maybe you could give me a crash course…I love crocheted flowers on a LO!!

    As for the Advent calendar..those little choccies are only about 1 syn each …so enjoy!! & good luck for weigh in tonight! xx

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