Shimelle Prompt 6


Today’s prompt is about goals, now regular reader so my blog will know that I have been going to Slimming World for some time now and have just 1 pound to go till I reach my first stone. I have set myself a mini goal of loosing ten percent of my body weight by Christmas which is about another 8lbs so if you see me snacking give me a shout:).

Today though i want to talk about a childhood goal. Each year we would go on a family holiday to Southport and at least once during the holiday we would go to the pleasure land.


And each and every year my goal would be to win a great big plastic orange bear I used to drive my Mum and Dad mad begging for money to buy tickets they would swear that I would never win one and would refuse to give any more. There was always tears and tantrums I was the youngest of four and a bit spoilt. Don’t tell my children will you? Anyway I finally won one when I was about ten I think oh I was so excited you would not believe how fantastic it felt. I think my parents were pretty relieved too. I took it back to the flat wear we were staying and what do you think within half an hour it had sprung a leak. I spent the the rest of the holidays blowing it up. Ah well it was nice when it lasted. Here’s a picture of me with it before it got a leak.



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  1. Love that story and that photo! Also a big Thanks for the giveaway gift that you sent me ~ the wrist warmers are lovely and will keep me cosy all winter ~ and my coffee will be cosy too. Good Luck with your weight loss! :O)

  2. Great job on the weight loss; it’s never ending battle here. The last few never seem to want to come off! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I found an easier way to round corners since I just wanted to round the top two–used the rounded rectangle tool. Easy!

  3. That is a lovely story with a sad ending
    But hopefully your present goal with have the best ending that you want to achieve.

  4. I love the stories which come from old photos. It would make a wonderful LO. Thanks for stopping my blog! You’ve got a great blogroll there..lots to discover.

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