Shimelle Day 3


Prompt three was to share some of our favourite things

1. has to be crochet everyone who knows me will tell you it’s a bit of an obsession of mineDSCF7273 this takes me to

2. One of my favourite blogs to visit Attic 24 pop along it’s well worth a visit for a daily blast of colour.

3.  During a bit of blog hopping lately I kept coming across Pioneer Woman not only does she have some great recipes but she takes a mean photo too. Here are some Spread Cookies that I made earlier.


4. Another fab blog belongs to a lovely lady called Nina who so far this year has inspired me to make Elderflower Champagne and Blackberry Liqueur pop over to TABIBOO where you’ll get a lovely welcome

5. Finally the place that got me into all this i never would have heard of Shimelle with out it image


8 responses »

  1. ‘Aaaawwwwww’ thank you.

    I’m doing my usual trying to catch up and find I’m forever chasing my tail – well not actual tail as I’m not ‘that’ weird, but I’m sure you catch my drift?!

    Have a lovely, lovely day and ‘thank you’ again,

    take care,

    Nina xxxxx

  2. I have recently discovered Attic 24 blog – isn’t it great! I love all the recipes she posts and admit to trying out quite a few of them – they are always good.

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