Day 307 and class day 2


Todays class has been about the obvious, the hidden and the only in my mind or using a planner to decide what i want to include in my blog post. Those of you who have visited my little blog for a while (you know who you are, I couldn’t have got this far without you) will know that my daily post on a Tuesday is my weekly weigh in at slimming world
As you can see from the photo thats another pound down with just one to go for my first stone.
What you can’t tell from the photo is just how chuffed I am about it, or how long weight has been an issue for me. Well I can tell you I am chuffed to bits I haven’t had to change my life style too much I’m never hungry and I am eating some fab food. I’m not saying every day is easy because it’s not but seeing the weight steadily dropping is making such a difference. Weight has been an issue for me all of my life in my teens I was already a size sixteen to eighteen although I did have one bit where I did lose a lot of weight, mainly because I would get so anxious when I went out and couldn’t eat. This didn’t last long though because I discovered cider which sorted the nerves but did nothing for the weight. Along came the kids out went the cider but the weight kept going. I look back on photos of my teens and early twenties and realise that I wasn’t actually that big I would certainly take it now. I have been to so many slimming clubs it’s ridiculous lost lots put lots back on so this time I’m taking it slowly what’s the saying slow and steady wins the race. The reason I’m doing this is for my Dad but thats another story.


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  1. Well done Val – you have inspied me to go back to Slimming world. I have struggled ths my first week to get back into it – but I have not cheated with any chocolate. Its my first weigh in tomorrow and not looking forward to it as I jumped on the scales at work last night and there was absolutely no difference! lets hope the SW scales tell a different story tomorrow! It was nice to read your ‘story’ on your blog.

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