Pink Saturday


Welcome to another pink saturday they come round quick don’t they take a look at lots more lovely pink by joining Bev over at how sweet the sound and why not pop over to my fab friend Jo’s Blog she isn’t really a pink girl so it’s good to see her joining in.
My picture for this week is the Bedford town bridge they have changed the usual blue lights to pink for breast cancer awareness month happy pink saturday everyone


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  1. Winter is just around the corner in my neck of the woods and I won’t see much pink in my garden again until at least April so THANK YOU for the wonderful blog entry and for giving me a little pinkie-lift today!

    A lovely way to call attention to a most important issue.

    Hoping that your weekend is filled with laughter and sunshine☺

  2. The picture of the bridge is gorgeous at night all lite up. I think it’s a wonderful thing that the lights were changed to help remind us of this terrible disease. Don’t forget your mamo, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  3. What a great idea. Hope you’re having a great weekend.
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) Happy Pink Saturday
    (I borrowed this idea from Llyn M)

  4. I will definitely visit your friend’s blog – it’s good to know she isn’t a “pink” person either. Although I feel it’s more an attitude of mind than of colour (like blonde).

    Happy Pink Saturday (sorry to be late, the computer is playing up yet again – keeps overheating so I have to keep turning it off. I’m getting nowhere fast!)

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