Pink Saturday


Well it’s another pink Saturday thansk to Bev over at how sweet the sound for hosting and why not pop over and see mary at rose brook cottage for some more pink loveliness. my picture this week was taken about 44 years ago and stars me in a pink bunny suit what were my parents thinking?
and another one taken about 52 years ago of my sister Geraldine in a very simlar outfit my parents obviously had very odd tastes when it came to dressing thier children

happy pink saturday everyone thank you for stopping by


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  1. Probably it was fashion in those days . That sort of teddy fabric was very common then for babies. They made all sorts of baby stuf from them.
    Happy pink Saturday

  2. How cute!!
    My mum had some very dodgy fashion ideas – brown crimplene all in one trouser suit with a zip up the front – wonder I’m not scarred for life. Will our kids say the same things about us in years to come I wonder??

  3. It’s a wonder we’re all still sane after the fashions our parents put us through!!! LOL
    Great photos of you and your sister.

    Happy Pink Saturday 🙂

  4. What a little cutie you were! I think must have have been quite chilly and those were like little snow suits. They are cute and they look so cozy!

  5. The only thing I can think of that would be worse – is putting your child in one of those outfits in our Southern California heat at Easter time! It actually looks cozy in your cooler climate! My mom used to dress us all up alike when we went on vacation – matching yellow windbreakers one year – even dad had one. At least everyone knew we belonged to each other! Happy Pink Saturday!

  6. A definite overdose of cuteness! At least they didn’t make you wear handknitted white angora with bunny ears! Or a pale blue canvas mac with Noddy printed all over it (the shame…)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

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