Monthly Archives: September 2009

Day 273


A little something to parcel up and post to america for halloween


Day 272


Well I lost another 1/2 a pound but left the book at the club so couldn’t use it for todays photo so instead inspired by my 9 pound weight loss I came home abd made pasta quiche for lunch tomorrow
Make up a sachet of chicken and muchroom pasta and sauce
stir in three eggs and some lov=w fat coattage cheese with onion and chive
pour into an oven proof dish
cook untill goldenDSCF7098
enjoy hot or cold

Pink Saturday


Well it’s another pink Saturday thansk to Bev over at how sweet the sound for hosting and why not pop over and see mary at rose brook cottage for some more pink loveliness. my picture this week was taken about 44 years ago and stars me in a pink bunny suit what were my parents thinking?
and another one taken about 52 years ago of my sister Geraldine in a very simlar outfit my parents obviously had very odd tastes when it came to dressing thier children

happy pink saturday everyone thank you for stopping by