Day 242


Preparing for this years learn something new everyday class with Shimelle, I did it last year and it really helped put what could have been a very difficult month into perspective. It is one of my favourite things that I have done and I regularily take it out and look at it. Although I am hoping for an easier September this year I am still looking forward to seeing what I can learn from it.


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  1. Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle’s 🙂 Your prep looks intriguing, I hope you do manage to share pictures of your progress! See you in class 😉

  2. I’ve not signed up for this one. I still haven’t finished one of her classes from 3 years ago!!!!!! Hope this September is better than last year 🙂

  3. Thanks for your lovely blog comments.

    Sorry to hear last September was difficult for you. I do find Shimelle’s classes can help. You are very brave to look back at your work.xx

    Good Luck with the class this time.xx

    Mmm the blackberries look delicious. We picked just under 2lb yesterday! We can never find any sloe’s where I live apart from at the roadside. I’ve had sloe gin once, very nice. 🙂

    Happy crafting. Gez.xx

  4. Hope you enjoy this years class – can’t wait to see what you produce. This little hobby of ours can be very therapeutic can’t it?

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