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Day 120 + HSMSHS


Visited a garden centre with some clients today spotted a robin in amongst the silk flowers sadly he flew away before he would let me take his photo so i had to be content with the silk flowers themselves
Day 120
HSMSHS Warning (A statement or event that indicates a possible or impending danger.) Ted eats loads of these allways knew he was full of…


Day 117 + HSMSHS


day 117
I have been promising my friend at work a miffy rabbit for ages he finally arrived at his new home today.
Slide To move gracefully in continuous contact with another surface, or letting an object or situation to deteriorate. It took three attempts to find a park with no boys in it before my daughter and her friend would let me take their pic but i think it was worth it.

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(show us a photo you are proud) of I took this photo ages ago as part of a photograyphy course and i still really love it what i am most proud of though is that it was one of the first times i was brave enough to take photos when I was out and about on my own